How Long Is a Chihuahua Pregnant?


A chihuahua stays pregnant for about eight weeks. Because of their size, a chihuahua's pregnancy can become very difficult. Puppies can often get stuck in the birth canals and die. You can find more information here:
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Chihuahua's are usually pregnant for. 58 - 65. days but as they are quite small dogs you should go with the minimum amount of days really :L.
The amount of time dogs are pregnant is 63 days. That applies to all
1. Determine your dog's due date. Dog gestation is approximately 63 days, although small breeds like the Chihuahua tend to give birth earlier, as the pups grow too big for the womb.
As far as I know the usual 63 days applies to all sizes of dogs. After puppies are born, they need to spend 6 weeks with their mother and litter mates learning about being nice dogs
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