How many hours are in a day on Mercury?


There are 58 Earth days and 15 hours in one day on Mercury, which equates to just under 1408 Earth hours. In comparison, one Mercury year takes 88 Earth days.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and the smallest of the eight planets in the solar system. The temperature on Mercury ranges from minus 180 degrees Celsius at night to 430 degrees Celsius during the day. It has a similar size and terrain to Earth's moon, which is rocky, solid and marked by craters. It has no moons or rings, and was named after the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology.

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Mercury rotates on its axis very slowly, while it orbits the sun quickly. In fact, one day is actually as long as two years on Mercury. It takes Mercury about 88 Earth days to orbit
one day on mercury is approximetly 10 secends. one year on mercury is 80 days.'...
One year for Mercury is 59 Earth days, and rotates once every 176 Earth days. A
They aren't. The number of days in a year (and hence the length of a year) is determined by the number of days from vernal equinox to vernal equinox (for the Gregorian calendar).
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The length of one day (one rotation around its axis) on Mercury is 4222.6 hours.
That is, a day on Mercury takes about 175.9 times as long as a day on Earth.
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One day on Mercury would lasts 58 days, 15 hours on Earth. One whole year on Mercury is 88 days as compared to Earth's year of 265 days. ...
1 year on Mercury is the equivalent to 87.97 Earth days. Also, the days on Mercury are longer than their years. This is because of how long it takes Mercury to ...
There are about 0.6713 Earth days or about 16 hours, 6 minutes, 36 seconds in a day on Neptune. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun in our Solar System. It ...
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