How Long Is a Flight from London to Canada?


A flight from London Heathrow airport to Toronto Canada will take 7 hours and 30 minute’s time through a direct flight. This majorly depends on the services of an airline that you use. Around 910 flights are available for this journey.
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You need to switch planes at least once for journey between London and Canada, since direct flights are unavailable. It takes minimum 11 hours to maximum 27 hours of time depending on transit times.
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10 hours.
1. Book online, and be specific. While numerous online travel sites, such as Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity, feature deals on flights to a number of locales (including London)
1 Search major travel websites. Compare major websites for the rates, like Priceline,, Travelocity etc. Note that some sites will show you separate prices for departing
You're assuming that airline pricing is logical. It's not. Airlines charge what they can get away with. As you get nearer the date of travel the cheap seats will either have sold
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