How Long is a Ford Expedition?


The 2010 Ford Expedition Limited 4x4 5.4L V8 base model has a length of 206.5 inches and a height of 77.5 inches total. It also has a curb weight of 5801 lbs.
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1. Listen for a whining sound coming from the engine area. This is most likely the power steering pump. If the belt is in good shape, and you hear a whining sound when you turn the
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1. Park your Ford Expedition on level ground, not an inclined slope. Engage the emergency stopping break. 2. Locate the low side connector within the Expedition's engine. You will
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Ford Expeditions are generally long cars but the length of them depends on various things. The length depends on the year of the car, the model of the car (regular versus extended), and whether or not it has any extra features. It can vary anywhere from 200-225 inches.
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