How long is a frog's tongue?


A frog’s tongue is about a third of the length of its entire body. In comparison, if a human had the same size tongue it would reach the belly button.

Unlike a human tongue that attaches at the back of the throat, a frog’s tongue attaches near the back of the jaw. When not in use, the tongue is folded up on the base of the mouth with the tip of the tongue pointing towards the back of the throat. A gland inside the mouth produces a sticky substance that allows the frog to accurately flip out the tongue and capture its prey.

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an average adult frog has a tongue of 12 inches long.
Frogs' tongues are typically a third of the length of the frog. Interestingly, they are'...
Goliath frog of West Central Africa is 30-cm long compared to the half-inch (1-cm) Cuban Pygmy frog,so not all frog's have the same tongue length!
Justin, a 9 year old male from North Bay asks on November 27, 2001, Q:How long is a frogs tongue? I had a test question that I thought was wrong. Does a frog have a long tongue? I
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