How Long Is a League?


A league is a unit of length. It was long common in Europe and Latin America, but it is no longer an official unit in any nation. The league most frequently refers to the distance a person or a horse can walk in an hour, however, the league has multiple values. The league was most often considered to be 3 miles; this was about 4.8 km if referring to the statute (land) mile (now 1609.344 m or 5,280 survey feet, though varying slightly through history) or about 5.6 km if referring to the nautical mile (1,852 m or 6,076 feet).
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A league is when a group of teams join together to compete with there group. A league can consist of numbers of even teams so everyone play each other.
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1. Joining a public league through ESPN or Yahoo. 2. You can also find public leagues on the sports sites such as those for Major League Baseball, the National Football League and
I'm pretty sure it's 12 for all cadet types. entire page » A deck cadet could expect between £8000-£10000
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