How long is a passport good for?


Passports are valid for five to 10 years. If a passport holder is 16 years old or older, it is valid for 10 years. If the holder is 15 years old or younger when it was issued, it is valid for five years.

People can find out when the passport was issued by looking at the front of the passport book. Generally, holders should renew passports at least nine months before it will expire. Some countries require that passports remain valid for at least six moths starting from the date of entry into the country. Some airlines might also have this requirement, so it is wise to renew passports well in advance of the expiration.

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The time period for which a passport is valid depends on the age when you were first issued the passport. If you were 16 and older, the passport is valid for 10 years from the date
If you were 16 or Older when issued, then it's valid for 10 Yrs. If 15 or Younger
Not Legal Advice: If 16/older when US passport was issued, it is valid for 10 yrs; 15/younger = 5 yrs.
- ten years. It actually depends on age and country issued from. Yes, an adult pasport issued in the US lasts for 10 years, which is relatively new. Child passports, I believe, last
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How Long Is a Passport Good For?
You've received your passport and made some plans for a trip out of the country. But you don't travel that extensively or often, so you're wondering how long your passport will be valid before you need to renew it. Don't get caught staring at that... More »
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