How long is a standard roll of wallpaper?


A standard single roll of American wallpaper is 13.5 feet long and 27 inches wide. Wallpaper is also commonly sold in double rolls that are 27 feet long and triple rolls that are 40.5 feet long.

European wallpaper comes in a narrower width than American wallpaper. A standard single roll of European wallpaper is 20.5 inches wide and 8 feet long. For most projects, double or triple rolls of wallpaper are preferred. Longer rolls allow for more continuous strips to be cut from one roll for hanging. This reduces waste and the cost for the total project. Some manufacturers only sell double rolls of wallpaper, but the prices listed on websites, in catalogs and on price sheets are always for single rolls.

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1. Determine whether the pattern of wallpaper you have picked out is a straight match, as with vertical striped wallpaper, where cutting it at any point would allow the ends of different
Standard shipping takes about 7-10 business days. However, I notice when I order something online I usually get my item much sooner than that which is great.
they vary. usually u can get 3 strips out of a roll.
3 1/2 drops per roll.
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The standard size of a roll of wallpaper in the UK is 10 metres in length and 53 centimetres in width. The amount of wallpaper needed will usually depend on the ...
Double rolls of wallpaper contain approximately 56 square feet. With a few exceptions, they are 33 feet long and 20.5 inches wide. ...
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