How Long Is a Tenth of a Second?


Tenth of a Second is called as Decisecond. It is 1/10 which is 0.1 seconds of time. It may be useful to measure computation speeds of digital computers.
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1. Obtain a measurement. First, get a measurement in tenths of a second. It doesn't matter how long or short - it can be 1/10 or 100/10; it's all a matter of rearranging the fraction
Anytime you have a number divided into "TENTHS" the answer is 10!
I figure it takes one tenth of one tenth of a second for a bullet to cross the space
For 15 seconds, therefore the second hand is already in 90 degrees position. arc measure = 2 cm. arc measure =angle/360) x (2 times pi times radius) 2cm = (90/360) x (2 x pi x radius
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