How Long is a Virus Contagious?


The period of time that a person is considered contagious depends on their health before they got the virus. Most people with generally good health are contagious 1 day before they show any symptoms and for 5-7 days after they start showing symptoms.
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When it comes to a flu virus, most of us can pass it along about a day before we become sick and around 5-7 days after our symptoms appear. Some young children and people with weakened
Studies show that, if you contract a cold, you can transmit it to others one or two days. before. your symptoms appear, and up to four or five days. after first being exposed to the
Shingles can spread through the direct contact of any healthy person (who never
So far, this virus appears to be somewhat more contagious than the usual seasonal human flu virus. About a quarter of people who have had close exposure to someone with swine flu
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A person with Coxsackie Virus is most contagious the first week they are infected. They can continue to be contagious until the blister-like lesions disappear. ...
Depending on what strand of stomach virus you have, you could be contagious from 3 days until 2 weeks from the time that you have recovered. Washing hands will ...
Normally when folks refer to stomach virus they are speaking of gastroenteritis. The viral type is contagious and generally caused by viruses such as adenoviruses ...
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