How Long Is a Year on Saturn?


It takes 29.7 Earth years for Saturn to complete a single orbit around the Sun. That is 10,832 days! If you were 2 years old on Saturn, you would be almost 60 years old on Earth!
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Saturn_Day. " Saturn Day. " The "day" on Saturn is between 10 and 11 Earth hours long (from 10 hours 14 minutes to 10 hours 39 minutes, with the average. 10 hours
Saturn takes a total of 29.7 Earth years to complete a single orbit around the Sun - or
It depends on how much mass you want to send there and how powerful a rocket you have. Voyager 1 took about a 16 months to get to Jupiter and then another 20 months to get to Saturn
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The length of one year (one revolution around the Sun) on Saturn is 10,747 days.
That is, a year on Saturn takes about 29.4 times as long as a year on Earth.
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