How Long Is a Year on Saturn?


It takes 29.7 Earth years for Saturn to complete a single orbit around the Sun. That is 10,832 days! If you were 2 years old on Saturn, you would be almost 60 years old on Earth!
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According to Universe Today, there is a 6 minute discrepancy between the orbit measures made by Voyager and Cassini. Scientists attribute the difference as an affect of solar winds
It takes Saturn just over 29 and a half Earth years to orbit the Sun
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10,759 earth days or 29.46 earth years
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The length of one year (one revolution around the Sun) on Saturn is 10,747 days.
That is, a year on Saturn takes about 29.4 times as long as a year on Earth.
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A year on Saturn is the same as 29.7 years on Earth. This means that in the time it takes Saturn or orbit once around the Sun, Earth has gone through almost 30 ...
A year on Saturn is equivalent to 10,832 Earth days, or over 29 Earth years. Saturn is about 793 million miles from Earth and, as the sixth planet, 886 million ...
Since Saturn can be seen with the naked eye it has been viewed since ancient times. The first time it was seen through a telescope was in 1610. ...
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