How Long Is an Epoch?


An epoch is not actually a set time period. It is basically just a unit of geological time that was marked by a certain distinction or characteristic due to a fixed point or event. Therefore, the event itself would determine the length of that particular epoch.
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An epoch is a grouping of many events into a time period that can define them. Its duration is always longer than an era, but always shorter than an age - geologically speaking.
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An epoch is a noteworthy or memorable period of history, or marks the beginning of that period of history. And it can be an instance in time, that is created as a point of reference
Epoch, the geologic time period which is shorter than period but longer than an age.
1. Determine the number of years since 1970 and multiply that by the approximate number of seconds in a year, which is 31,556,926 seconds. For example, if the current year is 2011
The subdivisions of the units of geological time known as periods. Thus, the Pleistocene epoch is part of the Quaternary period.
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