How Long Is an Uncashed Personal Check Valid?


The Uniform Commercial Codes gives financial institutions the right to decline payment on uncashed personal checks that are six months older or more. Many banks still will consider the checks valid, however. It is considered courteous to let the person who issued the check know it is about to be cashed, as some individuals assume that old checks that do not clear their registers for several months were lost or destroyed.
Q&A Related to "How Long Is an Uncashed Personal Check Valid?"
How long is a personal check valid? There is no quick, black-and-white, answer, but you should not rely on any information that tells you that the check isn't good after six months.
It was 6 months. Check with any bank to be sure of the time limit.
Banks have the right to refuse a business check six months from its issue date. This is the same time frame applied to personal checks. A business check that is more than six months
Once a check is 6 months old, the bank has the legal authority to either pay
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