How long is Handel's "Messiah"?


Although there are slight variations among orchestras, the full Handel's "Messiah" takes about three hours to perform. A traditional version for the Christmas season lasts about two hours.

Handel completed the entire work during 1741 in three to four weeks. The oratorio covers three aspects of the life of Jesus: his birth, death and resurrection. Unlike many of Handel's other works, which rely heavily on soloists, the chorus plays an important role in "Messiah." Handel chose Dublin to premier the work in 1742. He believed it would be received more kindly than in London, where he lived. After the oratorio's Irish success, it was successfully performed in the British capital.

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Part I of Handel's Messiah is 50:10 min., Part II is 102:13 min. and Part III is 35:11
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The full length of the 1741 work by George Frideric Handel, Messiah. lasts just over 2 hours, plus time for an intermission which generally makes the entire performance last two and
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