How long is sauerkraut good after opening?


After opening, sauerkraut is good for use for up to two months. The time can vary depending upon the method of storage used for keeping the sauerkraut.

Storing sauerkraut in the freezer greatly increases the fermented food's usability. It can last for one to two months as long as it is stored in a clean, dry container that is sealed tightly.

When stored in the refrigerator, sauerkraut will only last for five to seven days. Storing sauerkraut in a can is inadvisable, as it diminishes the quality of the food. An airtight container or freezer bag is recommended for the best preservation of sauerkraut.

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By keeping red wine cool you can prolong its life. At normal temperatures most people say 2-3 days, but I keep mine much longer.
Sauerkraut was pickled as a means to preserving a cabbage crop for long periods. As a rule my German immigrant Grandmother used to say it was good AT LEAST 9 months in a sealed refrigerated
A vinegar-based sauerkraut will keep for months. Sauerkraut made with salt brine and/or containing fats or meat juices will spoil soon.
Opened canned sauerkraut will last in the
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