How Long Is the Flight from Manchester to Barbados?


Manchester is located in Lancashire about 10 miles south west of Manchester City. There are 2 major airlines with scheduled direct flights from Manchester to Barbados with each flight taking duration of 8 hours and 10 minutes.
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A flight from Manchester to Barbados is a long flight. If you can get a direct flight it will take you 8 hours to get there.
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flight path from manchester to barbados
Roughly 9 hours depending on wind speed..
OPTION 1: 07hr 30min Nonstop Emirates Airlines. 07hr 30min DXB - MAN Nonstop flight operated by Emirates Airlines Flt 19 & 17. 1-way Economy Fare US$517.oo + Taxes & Fees
A random search for flights from MAN to DOH shows: OPTION 1: 7hr 00min Nonstop. MAN - DOH BMI British Midland Airways Flt 2664 Dep 02:30pm 04Jul,Sat. Man - DOH Qatar Airways Flt 46
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The flight time from Manchester to Barbados is approximately eight hours and twenty minutes. However, this flight time can only be achieved if the plane's speed ...
A flight to Barbados from England is a very long flight. You should be able to get there in about 21-22 hours. ...
A flight from UK to Barbados is a very long flight. It should take you approximately 12 hours to get there. ...
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