How Long Is the Gestation Period in Horses?


The normal gestation period of a Mare is between 320 and 350 days. Healthy foals are born between 305 and 360 days; those born before or between 300 and 320 days frequently have low birth weight and are highly regarded as premature.
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340 days, but a mare can actually delay delivery of a foal for upto a month depending on conditions. A quick calculator of delivery dates is avalable at (see link) A horse is pregnant
In humans, the gestation period is 40 weeks or 9 calendar months. Any pregnancy that has progressed past 36 weeks is considered to be full-term. Many babies are delivered at this
Gestation in a mare is approximately 340 days but can be anywhere from 330 to 350 days.
The average is from 340 to 342 days. Source(s)
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Artificially increasing the amount of light - for instance, by using electric lights in a stable - it is possible to begin the breeding season earlier. A normal pregnancy in horses lasts approximately 11 months - around 340 days. Colt foals tend to be carried longer than fillies.
The normal gestation period of a horse lasts approximately eleven months which is around 340 days. On rare occasions, the pregnancy can last from as low as 320 days to as high 370 days.
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