How Long Is the Longest Snake?


The longest snake ever recorded was found in Indonesia and was 14.85 meters or 48 feet long! This python weighed an astounding 447 kilograms which is 985 pounds!
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The largest snake of all snakes are the Anaconda's. They can reach to almost thirty feet in length. The longest snake recorded was a Anaconda that reached the lenght of thirty three
It is the Reticulated Python. Adults can grow to a length of more than 32.6 feet and are the world's longest snakes. However, they are relatively slim for their length and are certainly
The Eastern Coachwhip averages from 42 to 60 inches and lives on rocky,
Syreesa, The Longest snake is always the Retiulated Python. Which it's size is: 33-34ft and the Green Anaconda size is: 33ft. These are the two snakes that are longer.. But still
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The world's longest snake according to the Guinness World Records was the Python Reticulatus which was over 7.3 metres long. The snake passed away on 27 October ...
The eastern indigo snake is a nonvenomous snake. It can be very long and is known as being the longest native species of snake in the United States. The longest ...
The record for the longest snake ever went to a python, which measured 33 feet. The type of snake that has the longest average length is the anaconda. ...
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