How long is the shortest day of the year?


The length of the shortest day of the year is on December 7th. This comes during before the winter solstice which is on December 21st. This is the shortest day of the year.
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The length of the shortest and longest days of the year (known as solstices) depends on where you are geographically.
At the North and South Poles, the days can range from 24 hours of sunlight to 0 hours. Near the equator, the days usually have roughly 12 hours of sunlight all year round. Check out the links below to find the sunrise and sunset times in your location.
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The shortest day of the year, is always December 21st. This day is the beginning of winter solstice. December 21st is also the first day of winter.
21 December
In elementary school it is usually the day before a holiday break.
Antarctica is a continent in the southern hemisphere spanning about 5.4 million square miles. The Antarctic Circle is the latitude 66.5 degrees to the south of the equator and is
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The shortest day the year is usually 21 December during the Winter Solstice. This is a time when the sun is at its southernmost point in the sky. At this point ...
The shortest day in the year occurs on December 21 to 22 each year in the northern hemisphere and southern solstice. In the southern hemisphere and Northern solstice ...
The shortest day of the year is referred to as the winter solstice. This day occurs around 22nd December and marks the point when days start to get longer while ...
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