How Long Is the Statute of Limitations on a Cell Phone Bill in the Stat of Michigan?


The statute of limitations for any unpaid bill is seven years. As long as you don't pay the bill, someone will be trying to collect. Eventually the cell phone company will probably sell the debt to a collections agency and, believe me, they can be ruthless in trying to get their money.
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2 years. However, it will not go away from your credit report and from that company's records. Better to figure out how to pay the bill sooner than later. You used the service; you
The standard limit is 4 years for debts in California, but only 2 years for Oral agreements. This is from the last communications by the debtor. They can file claim at any point during
Cell phone services are typically provided based on a written agreement. The limit will vary based on the state, but for Georgia it is set at 6 years. The time will start from the
The statute of limitations for a written contract or promissory note is 5 years. Keep in mind that time limit starts from the due date of your first missed payment.
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Usually if you have an outstanding bill and the company that you owe it to has not sued you or tried to garnish your wages for the money, it will drop off after ...
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