How Long Is the Term of Office for a Federal Court Judge?


Federal court judges are appointed by the president of the United States. These judges work in district courts and the court of appeals. Then they are appointed their term is for life.
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Until they retire, die, or are removed from office by Congress.
Article III of the Constitution states that federal judges are
I believe this is a lifetime job, where only the judge him or herself makes the decision to step down. However their are steps in place to take out a judge, if they go off the deep
Not legal advice: A federal supreme court judge can hold office from the day he becomes elected until the day he dies.
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The terms of judges of constitutional courts are usually for life. A good example of this is federal judges. Another good example of this is the Supreme Court. ...
The length of a federal judge's term depends on the type of federal judge they are. Federal judges that sit in a bankruptcy courts has a 14 year term. However, ...
The length of judges terms can depend on whether they were appointed or elected. Appointed judges, such as the nine justices of the US Supreme Court or those ...
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