How Long Is the Term of Office for a Federal Court Judge?


Federal court judges are appointed by the president of the United States. These judges work in district courts and the court of appeals. Then they are appointed their term is for life.
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According to Article III of the US Constitution, federal judges "hold their offices during good behaviour, meaning they are appointed for life unless they commit an impeachable
The term for federal judges is life or until they choose to resign.
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In the United States, the term of office for federal judges is life during "good behavior." In other words, a federal judge, once approved by the Senate, can stay on the
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The terms of judges of constitutional courts are usually for life. A good example of this is federal judges. Another good example of this is the Supreme Court. ...
The length of a federal judge's term depends on the type of federal judge they are. Federal judges that sit in a bankruptcy courts has a 14 year term. However, ...
The length of judges terms can depend on whether they were appointed or elected. Appointed judges, such as the nine justices of the US Supreme Court or those ...
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