How Long Is Viral Conjunctivitis Contagious?


Viral conjunctivitis is easily passed onto others and is contagious for as long as 14 days. Conjunctivitis may be bacterial or viral and is also known as pink eye. Refrain from using the same face cloths and towels as other household members if you have the infection.
Q&A Related to "How Long Is Viral Conjunctivitis Contagious?"
1. Apply warm or cool compresses to the eyes to relieve discomfort, based on which temperature is more soothing to the eyes. Run warm or cool water over a washcloth, wring it out
If conjunctivitis is due to a bacterial infection, it is contagious until the
You better not cough or sneeze in the faces of others and wash your hands before touching others, since the virus is transmitted through your saliva either sprayed when sneezing or
Conjunctivitis germs can not stay alive on plastic.
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