How Long on Average Does It Take to Get a Masters in the Medical Field?


From what I know, it depends on what kind of speciality you will be working in. For example, a Masters in Public Health can take generally from 2-5 years.
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Registered nurses make up the largest percentage of workers in the health care and medical industries, with about 2.6 million jobs as of 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Typically, a master's degree can take between two and three years to complete post bachelor's degree depending on the specific program of study, and provided the student takes the
Once you get your MSW and take and pass the LCSW exam you can work at a hospital. Median annual wages of medical and public health social workers were $46,650, at last report of the
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The length of time it takes for you to complete your Masters degree in medical school depends on the hours that you go. If you go full time, it takes 2 years. ...
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