How Long Should 100 Gallons of Propane Last?


100 gallons of propane typically lasts for about 260 hours of run time. This number can vary depending on the appliance you are using it with. 100 gallons of propane is equal to about fifty pounds of propane.
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There is about 6 pounds to a gallon.
Your fireplace burner should have information on a label or in a manual telling you the British thermal units, or BTU, it uses per hour. Or you can obtain this information from your
One Gallon of LP is also equal to 4.22 lbs. So 100lbs of propane
In our area, natural gas is 1000 btu's per cubic feet of gas. I have the chart on propane. BRB. EDIT: It ranges from 91000 to 93000 btu's per gallon of propane. If you want to keep
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The amount of time that a gallon of propane will last depends on the use. Mostly it will depend on how many BTU's the tank is consuming. For a tank that has 20,000 ...
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