How Long Should a Fever Last?


The length a fever lasts depends on the illness. For example: fever with a flu may last 3-4 days. On the other hand, a fever with strep can last 3 days or longer. You can find more information at
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A fever caused by a virus will typically last 1-3 days. If the fever lasts more than 3 days you should always see a doctor, so they can evaluate if a secondary infection has developed
Dengue fever is found in tropical countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Guyana, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Venezuela and Vietnam. It
Hi In india where typhoid is common its known as the 'timed fever'.why. because the typhoid illness without any intrrvention whatsoever is fought off in about approximately 3 months.But
The incubation period (time between infection and onset of symptoms) of dengue fever is five to eight days. The fever typically runs its course in six to seven days, but convalescence
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