How Long Should an Employee Work before Getting a Lunch Break in NJ?


How long an employee should work before getting a lunch break in NJ is only regulated by law to those under the age of 18. The breaks are not required otherwise. Usually an employee will get a lunch break if they work more than 5 consecutive hours.
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The Fair Labor Standards Act does (FLSA) not guarantee adult employees a meal break or rest period of any kind. Federal labor law does provide a guaranteed meal break or rest period
Laws are in place that require any employee working a full work day be given at least a lunch break. Most people are legally due more than just a 30 minute break when they work a't_salary_employe...
Sorry, but you live in the state of Misery as my parents called it when they moved out west when I was a small child. I often heard them speak of the bad employment conditions and
Unfortunately, New Jersey has no
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An employee should work at least two hours for a ten minute break and over four hours for a thirty minute lunch break. Some jobs doesn't always give you the chance ...
An employee is typically allotted 2 fifteen minute breaks a 30 minute lunch break per 8 hour shift. This is typically the national average and is required by law ...
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