How Long Should I Wait until I Buy a Car after I File Bankruptcy?


If you have money to buy a car, there is no need to wait. Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, you can buy a car. You will need some cash, you are not going to get a car loan after filing a fresh bankruptcy.
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Bankruptcy law provides for the development of a plan that allows a debtor, who is unable to pay his creditors, to resolve his debts through the division of his assets among his creditors... More »
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1. Hold off speaking to car dealerships until after the bankruptcy has been discharged. 2. Begin establishing good credit. Pay your bills on time once the bankruptcy has been discharged
2 years, but a trustee might be able to use the state "look back" period where the bankruptcy court is located.
You should wait until you're financially
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You need to wait until the dissolution is finalized before filing for bankruptcy. There is no rule that states how long you need to wait. Make sure one is done ...
I would wait until you go to court and your bankruptcy has been discharged before opening a checking account if you are concerned about monies being seized. It's ...
Every state is slightly different, but the average on when you can file again for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is 8 years. Chapter 7 will liquidate all your assets to ...
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