How Long Should Receipts be Kept?


Generally you only need to keep receipts for things such as car repairs, medical services, or pickup up prescriptions. However, if you want to be absolutely certain, what you can do is set a box on top of the fridge, take out an envelope, write the year on the front, and any time you come home with a receipt in your pocket, put it in the envelope in the box. Keep doing this, starting every new year with an envelope, and when the box gets full, simply throw away the oldest three envelopes and keep going. That way you will always have a trail of receipts when you need them.
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The length of time for storing a record depends upon its purpose. If your receipts pertain to tax matters, you should store them for at least three years after you file your tax return
Unless needed for a guarantee, I bin mine after I have checked it has gone through my bank account, that would be all the proof you would need that any bill has been paid. Anything
10 years is supposed to be the rule, but I don't get rid of any of mine. Put it on microfilm or scan it into your computer and put it on disk, that way it will be there for all time-and
Ignore the out-of-state lawyers who do not know California law (AND ADMIT IT! who should not even be posting here. See CA Code of Civil Procedure § 1950.5(g) You have 21 days
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Medical Receipts should be kept between 7 to 10 years. It's good if you can keep them in a secure file cabinet. Medical receipts will provide proof of payment ...
If ammunition is kept in containers where air will not get into them, they can be kept indefinitely. As long as you take care of your Ammo, you don't have to worry ...
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