How Long Should Staples Stay in after Surgery?


There are two methods of closing up the body after surgery. A patient's body is closed with either staples or sutures. Staples have become more common over the years. Staples should not stay in the boy long after surgery. A week up until a week and half is how long staples should stay in after surgery.
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About 2 weeks. If they stay in much longer, the skin heals over them, and removal can be uncomfortable.
Staples usually stay in from 7 to 10 days, it just depends on the type of
Surgeons often times have to dissect nerves when performing a surgery. This leads to that numb feeling your referring to. This usually doesnt go away since that nerve has be cut.
With a major surgical procedure, the time in the hospital is determined by the nature of the surgery and the health of your child. Some surgeries will require a stay in intensive
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