How Long Should Steri Strips Stay on after Surgery?


The amount of time steri strips should stay on after surgery depends on the type of surgery and the directions of the surgeon. Steri strips are used to keep wounds closed and aid in keeping sutures closed too. They are small and contain adhesive to stick to the skin.
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Usually you leave them alone and let them fall off themselves when you bath or shower. When you go for your next doc visit, he/she should remove any that are left.
Ask your surgeon.
Immediately after surgery, your foot is wrapped in sterile gauze, a self-adhering wrap, and a surgical shoe or boot. Orders from your doctor include staying off your feet, elevating
I am a RN at Beaumont and this is what we tell our patients about steri-strips when they are discharged-you can shower as normal just no tub baths or hot tubs or swimming which usually
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There are two methods of closing up the body after surgery. A patient's body is closed with either staples or sutures. Staples have become more common over the ...
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