How Long Should You Bleed after Suction DNC?


Bleeding after DNC starts immediately after the procedure and can last for four weeks. DNC is a medical procedure that is carried out after a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.
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5 - 10 days.
I had a DNC last year. You're not supposed to have intercourse for two weeks after the procedure. For me, I bled the first few days, but the doctor gave me some kind of pills to stop
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This sounds like it could be very serious. From what I recall, you would typically have a follow-up appointment about 2 weeks after the D&C - did you go to yours? You should not
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5 - 10 days ...
You should wait at least 5 days before getting into a pool after a D and C procedure. After a D and C you cannot insert anything into your vagina such as a tampon ...
After a c-section the bleeding will be heavy for the first 4-5 days. The bleeding will get lighter and could last up to 6 weeks. For more information, please visit ...
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