How long should you date before getting married?


According to eHarmony, the average couple dates for close to three years before tying the knot. The length of time it takes to get married depends on many factors, such as age, job stability and life goals.

There are no guidelines for dating, but it is wise for a couple to get to know each other really well before getting married. Marriage is not something to rush into, and couples who date for only a small amount of time tend to have shorter marriages. The decision to get married is complex and difficult on a number of levels, so it is important to only move to the next stage when both people in the relationship feel comfortable enough to do so.

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The length of time that people date before they get married can vary. Because different situations affect the length of time people wait before they wed, a few examples are discussed
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A year and a half. Give or take a couple of months. Of course, he leaves her for just under half of that in the second book.
It's different for everybody. Some people date for years
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The amount of time people date before marriage can vary. On average, a couple will date one year before getting married. ...
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