How Long Should You Keep Credit Card Statements?


HM Revenue & Customs require you to keep your business records for six years if you are self employed which includes everything you need to complete your tax return. While mortgage lenders require a 12 month history of your finances including credit card bills and for identification purposes utility bills, council tax payments and phone records should be kept for six months.
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Hold to your credit card statements for close to 7 to 10 years. However, for those who only use their credit for normal expenses then a year is the probable time to keep your statements.
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You should keep your current card statment and thats it, once you receive your new statment and you see that the balance is correct and all payments have been applied you can throw
1. Designate a place to keep your statements where you will be able to get to them quickly and easily whenever you need to. A small filing cabinet is a good place to keep your credit
You should keep your statements because you need them for when taxes come out. And since you must keep tax-related records for 7 years, you potentially should keep them for that long
1 View the primary credit card account information. The primary information includes the cardholder's name, address, card number and billing date. The cardholder is the party responsible
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How long should you keep a credit card statement in the event of a tax audit? The IRS has three years from your filing date to audit your return, if they suspect ...
It is always a good idea to keep your bills, receipts and statements just in case you get audited. Usually you will only need to keep these things for 7 years. ...
Most experts agree that you can get rid of credit card statements once you've checked to make sure they're accurate. If you do need them in the future, most banks ...
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