How Long Should You Keep Pillows?


Pillows can be kept for several years if they are good quality and in good shape. Once a pillow begins to get lumpy or go flat, it is time to toss the pillows and get some new ones. Usually a good pillow will last for years.
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1. Choose a high thread count for your pillow case, or use tightly woven pillow protectors. A thread count of 600 is heavier than standard pillowcases, and is tightly woven to keep
You put a pillow in a pillow case and this keeps it clean. Perhaps this is your answer?
This is because you hug your pillow too hard. You can buy pillowcases with zippers that will eliminate this problem. ex1: Embed Quote Via Anon
Depends if you have a zipped cover on it or not. Depends on the manufacture as well. Check the tags
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