How long do you blanch asparagus?


According to, whole asparagus spears should be blanched for two to five minutes, depending on the stalks' thickness. Martha Stewart recommends blanching asparagus for three minutes.

Asparagus is blanched in well-salted, rapidly boiling water. Removing the asparagus from the boiling water and plunging it into cold water stops the cooking process. recommends cooling the spears for the same amount of time they were blanched. Blanched asparagus may be eaten as is or frozen and reheated.

Asparagus is prepared for cooking by bending the stalks until they snap apart where the tough, woody part turns tender. Martha Stewart recommends peeling the lower two-thirds of each stalk. The asparagus should be washed before cooking.

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1. Cut about 1 inch off the bottom of the asparagus shoot with a serrated knife because this part of the vegetable emits a bitter flavor and tough texture. 2. Fill a pot with about
1. Pick your. asparagus. Stalks should be straight and firm to the touch. Asparagus should be a vivid green free from brown mottling. The tips should be tightly closed. Choose stalks
Fresh, whole asparagus should be steamed for around 2 to 8 minutes. Do not overcook, or it will become mushy and not taste nearly as good. You can find more information here:
5-10 minutes depending on thickness until tender.
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