How Long to Settle An Estate?


How long it takes to settle an estate would depend on the complexity of the estate. If it is a simple estate then it should take around six months.
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The amount of time that it will take the executor to distribute the assets in the estate will greatly depend on whether the estate has to go through probate. If the individual used
1 Go through the financial records, tax returns, and other papers of the decedent to try to figure out what the decedent owned or controlled. You will be looking for bank accounts's-Estate-...
You have your terms confused. An executor is the representative of a person's estate who carries out the provisions of the will. A trustee is the administrator of a trust. They are
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Settling an estate depends on the extent of the assets and liabilities, how many heirs their are, whether it is being contested, how much insurance is involved, and the ability of the Executor to be physically present to deal with all of these things with the lawyer. A very simple estate can take up to a year; complicated ones can take years.!
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