How Long until You Become a Born Again Virgin?


There is not length of time that will make you become a born again virgin. Once you have had sex, you will not ever be a virgin again. There are surgeries that will put a hymen back in the vagina, but they cost thousands of dollars.
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There surely is a God and there is good news. He loves you. He sent his only son to this earth for the purpose of dying for you. God's son is Jesus and he died to pay for our sins
Opinion: You can't. Sorry. But once you are. BORN-AGAIN. (regenerated heart, renewed mind - Titus 3:5) Jesus purifies you and make you blemish less by washing you with His precious
Becoming a born again virgin is a spiritual or religious
Here is how.…. Peace. Source(s) In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
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In order to become a born-again virgin one must make the decision not to have intercourse with anyone until marriage. It is not a decision that is easy but it ...
To become a virgin again, you will be waiting your whole life. Physically, once you are not a virgin, that's it. Spiritually, or emotionally, you can become a ...
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