How Long Until You Die from Ms?


Having a debilitating disease such as MS is different in all people. My aunt has had the disease for 20 years and although she is wheelchair bond, she is still alive and enjoying life. Don't put a number on yourself, your time will come when it's intended too.
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People with MS can expect to live the same life expectancy as the average population, minus 5- 10 years. Though MS is not curable, there are many more treatment options available than there once was. You can find more information here:
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Step. 1. **Work until you die**. Keep working every day until you die. This will guarantee that you always have an income. There are many jobs that you can do in your 80s and 90s.
To answer the question in technical terms, no one has actually died from Multiple Sclerosis. MS itself is not fatal. Its side-effects, however, can prove to be fatal. For example,
Andy Lemke already dealt with most of the relevant technical aspects regarding your question, but I feel, he was a little brief on practical advice for those folks who want to walk
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