How long was Martha Stewart in jail?


Martha Stewart was in jail for roughly five months, from October 8, 2004 to March 4, 2005. After being released from prison, she then entered a two-year supervised release term, during which she was confined to her home with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Stewart's prison sentence was due to a conviction for conspiracy, making a false statement to federal investigators and obstruction of an agency proceeding. The charges came from a claim of insider trading by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission following the sale of her ImClone Systems stock after a tip by her stock broker at Merrill Lynch.

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Martha was in prison for 5 months and was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice, make false statements, and commit perjury.With the false statements 2 counts. P.S. I think personal
Stewart had to serve five months of home confinement and fined the lifestyle
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