How long will ham stay good?


Ham stays good from three days to four months, depending on the amount of curing and the storage method. Fresh, uncured ham stored in the refrigerator lasts less time than cured ham that is frozen.

Fresh, uncured and uncooked ham can be stored in the refrigerator up to five days and frozen up to six months. Cooked, uncured ham lasts up to four days in the refrigerator and four months in the freezer. Cured, uncooked ham lasts up to seven days in the refrigerator and four months in the freezer. Cooked, it lasts five days refrigerated and two months frozen. Canned ham lasts up to nine months in the refrigerator but should not be frozen.

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Ham is versatile and is usually used in salads, sandwiches, with vegetables or sliced and served in a meal. The length of time for ham to be good and edible will vary depending on
up to ten days if not sliced, if sliced 5 days.
Ham will be good in the refrigerator for three to seven days.
Vicodin comes in different strengths. Depending on how much you took and the strength of the tablet, vicodin can stay in your system from three to seven days.
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