How Long Can Head Lice Live without a Host?


Lice will usually die after two days without a host. They need to feed regularly, since their tiny bodies can't really store much food. Matured lice can live for about a month on their host, during which they lay several eggs on hair follicles that then, hatch into nits.
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Fleas rarely have a hard time finding a host, if not your pets, then you, but without a blood source, they will live anywhere from 2 days to two weeks.
Not medical advice:Lice may live for several weeks on a person, but rarely live 48 hours when removed.
Lice can live approximately 60 days on the human head. In that time, the females can lay up to 90 nits (eggs) After about 10 days, the eggs will hatch and be mature about 10 days
Lice and their die quickly w/o host. The lice do not have dormant stages that allow them to survive harsh conditions or off the host for long periods of time: theoretically viable
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Fleas generally don't survive past 100 days, even if they live on a host. However, without a host, they have no food source, and may die between 2 and 14 days. ...
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