How Long Will the Post Office Forward Your Mail?


For first class mail, the post office will forward your mail for 1 year. Second class mail is only forwarded for two months.
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Permanent mail forwarding starts with a customer advising the Post Office about a change of address. The customer fills out a change of address form, which is conveniently located
Can't honestly say I like either one. I'm going to read between the lines as to what you're trying to get at, so forgive me if I'm off a bit. My suggestion: "When does the mail
The USPS forwards mail for 12 months. Months 13-18, the mail is
If you are in the UK, and you've set up the Redirection (Forwarding Service) it will last as long as you paid for. They will forward all items with the stated names on it, but nothing
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That statement means that the IRS check will be placed in the mail on the 27th of the month. In fact, the post office will stamp the date of the 27th on the IRS ...
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