How Long Would It Take to Get from Dacula GA from Clarkston GA?


To get from Dacula, Georgia, to Clarkston, Georgia, is going to take you about 40 minutes of driving. You will have a covered at little over 30 miles, by the time you get to Clarkston.
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It would take you about 40 minutes to get from Dacula, Georgia, from Clarkston, Georgia. You would want to take Interstate 85 North, and GA 316. You could also take GA-8 East if you'd prefer, and get there in about the same amount of time.
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645 miles taking this route: Take SR-316 (University Pkwy) WEST from Dacula to I-85 SOUTH to ATLANTA. Take I-85 SOUTH to I-75 SOUTH to MACON via I-285 EAST BYPASS (EXIT 95A off I-
Yes. 3521 Braselton Hwy # C7, Dacula, GA, 30019 -1111
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