How Long Would It Take to Lose 200 Pounds If You Walked 2 Miles a Day?


The amount of calories you burn walking increases the heavier you are. For example, if you are a 300 pound person, you burn 159 calories per mile walking at a rate of 3 mph. Since each pound is 3500 calories, you would have to walk 4402 miles to burn 200 pounds worth of calories, which would take you 1467 hours.
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probably around 3 weeks. Good luck!
It is not so much the miles you walk as the
that would depend on your weight. say if you were 150 lbs 1 mile of running would burn about 140 as walking would burn about 100 all depending on your pace of movement or for how
It all depends on diet, and metabolic rate. Some 200 lb women would lose more than others.
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