How Long Would It Take to Ride the Train from Chicago to Atlanta?


How long would it take to ride the train from Chicago to Atlanta? The train ride would be thirty hours, and an eight hour stop in Washington on the way there.
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1. Find the right line.Before you just go out and ride the el, you'll need to figure out which line(s) you need to take to get there. Chicago's el has multiple tracks that cover the
$2.25. The only train that has a fixed price that you may be referring to is the Chicago Transit Authority which operates a rapid transit system, or metro, for the Chicago area. The
A flight from Chicago to Atlanta takes a little over two hours to c...
Easiest way would be to fly. But, for bus info, go to Greyhound website; for train info, to go Amtrak website. Either way will take a couple of days. I doubt there's a direct train
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Amtrak is operating between Baltimore and Philly.The average duration of travel is 1 hour and 20 minutes.If you take evening train the ticket price will be less.It ...
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