How Loud is 50 Db?


50 dB's is the same loudness as a hair dryer or a electric shaver. On the other hand 110 dB's would be the sound of a baby crying or a subway. You can find out more information here:
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Fifty decibels is not very loud. It's about as loud as a a washing machine or refrigerator. As a comparison, a crying baby is about 110 decibels!
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its as loud as you talking at normal volume.
A decibel unit is used to measure how loud a sound is. 50 decibels is the amount of noise a regular working refrigerator motor makes. It's make a quiet noise but you can definitely
152 decibels is about twice as loud as a gun shot, and can easily damage hearing.
I'm assuming that you are referring to sound, and therefore I'm going to assume that 50 and 62 dB are A-weighted sound pressure levels as (they most likely are), which is usually
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It depends on how many decibels we're talking about to determine how loud they are. Sound is measured in decibels so for example a lawn mower is approximately ...
How to measure how loud an 85 db is as simple as turning on your vacuum or hair dryer. An 85 db will also make you raise your voice loud enough so that the person ...
60 dB sound pressure level is about conversational speech listened in 1 meter distance. ...
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