How Loud Is 60 Decibels?


60 decibels is as loud as a normal conversation within about one meter in distance. Some of the other volume levels from a comparison chart are whisper quiet in a library 30 decibels, telephone dial tone 80 decibels, city traffic (inside car) 85 decibels, train whistle at 500 feet 90 decibels, and 12 Gauge Shotgun Blast 165 decibels. Some more levels from a comparison chart are snowmobile and motorcycle 100 decibels, and sandblasting 115 decibels.
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The decibel (abbreviated dB) is a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. Normal
A decibel unit is used to measure how loud a sound is. 50 decibels is the amount of noise a regular working refrigerator motor makes. It's make a quiet noise but you can definitely
The range of 60-70 decibels sound pressure level is about as loud as normal conversation in 1 meter distance. The distance from the ears to the sound source is very important to the
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Decibels are a unit that is used to measure how loud something is. The higher something is in terms of decibels, the louder and more intense the sound is. ...
The decibel (dB) scale is a logarithmic unit of measurement that describes the loudness of sound. It describes the ratio of intensity or physical quantity as it ...
A decibel is a general measure of loudness. The decibal unit is often used to measure the intensity of sound. I hope this helps you out in some small way. ...
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