How many quarter cups equal three-quarters of a cup?


Three 1/4 cups equal a 3/4 cup. 1/4 plus 1/4 plus 1/4 equals 3/4. It would take four 1/4 cups to equal a full measuring cup.
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It takes four tablespoons to make 1/4 cup. One cup is four ounces. One tablespoon is 1/2 ounces. Two ounces is equal to 1/4 cup. Two tablespoons is 1/8 cup.
If a cup = 8oz and a quart = 32oz or 4 cups x 4 quarts = 16 -8oz cups per 4 quarts.
There are 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar in a pound. There are
Red potatoes vary in size, so it depends.
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There isn't a conversion to do this. Grams are a unit of weight and cups are a unit of volume. It is like asking how many pounds are in a gallon. The weight per ...
16 cups are equal to 1 gallon. A gallon has mostly been replaced by a liter but it is a measure of volume which was greatly used in the Western Europe. A gallon ...
There are 8 fluid ounces in one cup. One fluid ounce is equivalent to one-eighth of a cup and is a measure of volume as opposed to an ounce, which is a measure ...
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