How many 12-ounces cans of soda would it take to fill a 3-liter bottle?


It takes 102 ounces of soda to make 3.01650 liters. That means it would take 8 and 1/2 twelve ounce cans of soda to equal 102 ounces or 3.01650 liters.
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It Takes roughly 5 and 1\2 cans to fill a 2 Liter Bottle.
33.814 fl oz =1 liter. 33.814/12 = 2 glasses 9.814/12 for the third glass or about 80% filled.
It takes approximately 5.6 cans
There are 5-12 ounce cans in a 2 liter. You would have 6 ounces left over. 2 liters are cheaper than cans!
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