How Many 12x12 Tiles Do I Need for a Room That Is 216 Square Feet?


For a room that is 216 square feet you will need 216 12x12 floor tiles because each tile is a foot. 12x12 tiles are always your square footage hope this helps.
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144 144 of course !
you can figure out square feet by multiplying the L X W so 144 If you are painting and you need to know the square feet of the walls its a little more complicated. buy a gallon of
There are 144 square feet in a room that measures 12'x12'. ChaCha on!
One 12"x12" tile equal one square foot. So you would need 45 pieces of tiles, but recommend you purchase a few extra for mis-haps. Anonymous
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The number of tiles needed to tile a 10x10 room will depend on the size of the tiles. A 12x12 tile covers one square foot and your room is 100 square feet, so ...
In a 12x12 tile, there is one square foot. The logic is pretty simple once you think about it. If twelve inches are in a foot, and each side is twelve inches, ...
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